What are braces and what effect do they have on orthodontics

Brackets are a basic procedure in dentistry, it is important. Therefore, To know what brackets are , how they act on our teeth and what is the. Medical procedure we carry out when we use orthodontics of this type.Therefore, Brackets are metal plates that are attached to the teeth. Therefore, Each bracket has specific information for. Each dental piece, which causes a displacement through the pressure exerted by the orthodontic arches.

It is important to adapt the position of the brackets. Throughout the treatment, in order to ensure that each tooth moves appropriately.

How we get the bracket to move the tooth

The advantage of brackets is that, without the need for surgery, a movement is generated that annuls the tendency of the tooth.

The importance of Building Construction and General Contractors Email Lists dental adhesive in brackets
Currently, there are two different techniques for cementing the bracket to effectively bond it to the tooth, the direct method and the indirect method. Therefore, Depending on its position, a transparent splint is developed, which allows to influence the all teeth based on a single piece.

One of the main concerns of patients who undergo this type of treatment is the impact on aesthetics

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Traditional brackets are seen and can generate a feeling of rejection. Therefore,  In people who want to preserve the aesthetics of their mouth, currently there. Is the possibility of opting for invisible brackets.

What we know as invisible brackets are CRB Directory actually lingual brackets. Therefore, The advantage of this orthodontics is that it is located on the back. Of the tooth, and therefore it is impossible to perceive its position. The front part is free and it is in the back part where. Therefore, We exert the pressure to move the tooth. This procedure is not painful, since very gentle but continuous forces. Are used, and a result as effective as the one we obtain. Through traditional frontal orthodontics is achieved.

Revisions and corrections of brackets
A relevant issue about bracket treatments is periodic check ups.


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