Everything you need to know to set up a dental clinic

Setting up a dental clinic is a complex process, in which we have to assess aspects that go beyond the dental practice itself. Starting a business project related to dental practice must begin with a business plan, which includes a market study. Once we have assessed the financial possibilities, it is time to equip the clinic and have adapted digital solutions.

On this occasion, we analyze the process to set up a complete dental clinic , from the origin of the project to the start up of the clinic.

Develop a strategy to set up a dental clinic
When we analyze how to set up a dental clinic, we must develop a strategy that allows us to evaluate each stage of the project.

The development phase of a healthcare company

The licenses include all the administrative procedures necessary to start the dental activity. Next, we analyze all the essential permits to register Food and Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List a health center specialized in dental treatments. The financial framework begins with a feasibility study and establishes the tools that will allow us to make economic decisions about the clinic in the short and long term.

The material is a fundamental step, at the moment in which the dental clinic begins its activity it is necessary that the professionals who work in the center have everything they need to carry out professional treatments. Finally, it is essential to have digital management means that facilitate the daily work of all the people involved in the clinic.

Request for documentation and licenses

Job Function Email Database

Activity license  the activity license is common to most businesses with commercial physical space. For the granting of this license, the urban viability of the dental clinic is evaluated based on municipal regulations. The responsible town hall is the one who makes the decision to grant this license.
Operating license: this type of license refers to the health practice. Dental clinics need an operating license that is renewed every 5 years.
Health license: in this case, it is the ministry of health CRB Directory of each autonomous community that grants this license. It is a register with which the health authorities of each region can evaluate the activity of the centers in force. This license may require a long process to process, therefore it is advisable to request it as soon as possible.

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